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Wuxi Top Advanced Materials Inc. is a high-tech joint venture founded by Dr (University of Maryland) and P.P.G. USA. It is specialized in developing and producing the heat-stablized and high-performance PET polyester film materials whose vertical and horizontal shrinkage is less than 0.2% at 150 centigrade. With excellent smoothness and adhesion, this material can be widely used in fields like CCL, FPC, RFID, MTS and LCD, etc.. So far, compared with rival products abroad, our products are of the same quality level, but more cost-efficient, which will help our customers decrease their cost of production to a large extent.

As a key company endorsed by Wuxi “530” Program, Top Advance Materials Inc. is now entering a new development stage. With “high-tech innovation and collaborative entrepreneurship” as basic philosophy and with “providing advanced technology, outstanding quality, first-class service, and competitive price” as sales strategies, our company is aimed at building our brand into an internationally renowned one and providing environment-friendly and quality polyester film materials to our customers home and abroad.

Wuxi Top Advanced materials co., Ltd.
Business Philosophy, Quality Guidelines and Aims

A: Business Philosophy:
In pursuit of scientific decision-making based on practice, efficient and effective management and quality service.

B Quality Guidelines:
Strengthen quality management, improve the quality control process and establish efficient quality management system.
Control the details of every single procedure to provide quality products and professional service.
Be the most reliable supplier of high-end PET.

C Quality Aims:
Product: Exit-factory pass rate 100%
Service: Contract carried out on schedule; customer satisfaction rate over 95%; customer after-sales Satisfaction rate over 95%.
Work: Efficient quality management system established; quality management strengthened; management evaluation carried out twice a year; realization of product quality aim and service quality aim ensured.

D Certificate
ISO9001-2008 、SGS Report

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